Letter from Quarantine #1

April 9th, 2020

it has become a bit of a routine, the office at home, it even has a few good sides: no traffic jams to work, everything is a bit more comfortable ... really? Well. With the first routine, we noticed that some things are more difficult in your own four walls than in the office, and it is not necessarily all about electronic equipment. We have put together a few tips for our team that might also be of interest to you - read more on our blog. And the question how we can best use the positive aspects of these home office times is discussed below.

Ike knew how to prioritize

What kind of things can we do right now and yield the benefits later, in the Post-CoV19 period? Now the moment has come to sift through the 2nd quadrant of the good old Eisenhower Matrix. It’s the “Do later” or “Decide” section of the graph with urgency on one and importance on the other axis. It’s where we find the future-oriented, medium- or long-term, strategic things that are constantly being thwarted by urgency - everything that has the potential to relieve and reduce A priorities. Remember, prevention is always better than the cure – read more in the blog.

Keep calm & carry on

No doubt, this pandemic will affect all of us. However, complete shutdown is rare in our industry, and so the IACBOX team is prepared. Whether you want to move a project forward, clarify questions, deepen technical skills or exchange ideas, we are there. Write or call us on working days from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m.

We offer web meetings, conference calls, bookable webinars especially for your team, or free open sessions in the training calendar.

Everything up to date?

Another welcome effect of the shutdown of day-to-day business is more time for secondary scenes that otherwise receive little attention - expiring certificates, for instance. The IACBOX TLS certificate expires in mid-June and is renewed for all licenses with valid software maintenance. Take a look at the license manager to see your customers' status. IACBOX operators can also upload their own certificate. Whether customer-specific or not, it is important to ensure validity, so that the certificate warning does not prevent login.

The IACBOX team stays at home, pays attention to the health of everyone and keeps the business running so that you, as a partner and your IACBOX end customers, feel as little as possible of the restrictions. Let us remain confident and get through this together - the crisis will pass, and then we will be all set for new, exciting projects. Stay healthy!

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