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March 10th, 2020

Now that the auto-update to version 19.0 has been rolled out, there is more time for new projects, such as a new interface for numerous PMS called Impala. In addition, our technicians are working on a new login page editor that is gradually taking shape. By the way - what about your licenses, is the legacy login page still in use? This might be a good moment to consider modernization on a medium term basis. More details below.

Coming soon: Login page editor

We are currently working on making the design of login page(s) so easy and intuitive that even not IT-savvy end customers will have fun trying their hand. This requires some technical changes below the surface and the replacement of legacy sites on a medium term level. Whilst this will take quite a few months more, the customers concerned will certainly appreciate you making them aware of this at an early stage.

What exactly does this mean? Some of the older templates out there might not be eligible for automated migration. If customer-specific adjustments have been avoiding updates in the past, there may already be responsivity problems on modern smartphone displays. In the WebAdmin menu Login page / Design you can see which style is set on the respective IACBOX and whether there have been customer-specific changes.


With one of the next patchlevels, we are connecting to the Impala platform. This is a SaaS API service providing interfaces to various PMS. Already in place with Infor HMS, MEWS, and Clock, Impala is working on quite a list of future interfaces, check them out here. This provides a fast and easy way to connect IACBOX to various hotel software systems.

Last WiFi4EU call

On March 17th, 2020 at 1:00 p.m. (until March 18th, 5:00 p.m.) the locks will open one last time to win a voucher for your community worth 15,000 Euros. According to the first come, first served principle, the fastest 947 participants receive a voucher. Important: Make sure your municipality has registered to the WiFi4EU Portal.

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