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IACBOX News 04/2018

April 10th, 2018


  • Upgrade & Update
  • Privacy Toolkit OUT NOW

Upgrade & Update

With the current upgrade from V17.0 to V17.2 the operation system is completely renewed. This will result in considerably increased performance. Furthermore, the Login pages out there will receive a facelift with the new fresh look of the Metro theme. This will be rolled out to every IACBOX without individual design integration. Pre-requisites: active Software Maintenance and Version 17.0.

You can run the latest Patchlevel 17.2.11676 (12221) now as a manual update. It includes the long awaited and currently very popular optional module Privacy Toolkit, as well as the general data privacy adjustments. The upgrade for every IACBOX on Version 17.0, available now on demand, will be rolled out automatically by mid-May. As announced before, Version 17.2 will not longer support 32Bit hardware. Details here.

You can find the changelog here.

Brand new: Privacy Toolkit

  • Data processing register (Art. 30)
  • Confidentiality agreement (Art. 32)
  • Processing agreement (Art. 28)
  • privacy by default (Art. 25)
  • Data access logging
  • Privacy settings checkup

Find step-by-step instructions for the general data privacy settings and the new Privacy Toolkit here.

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