November 27th, 2019

Now the time has finally come: IACBOX 19.0 is here, and we may proudly say that it was well worth the wait. The new WebAdmin surface is eye candy, but that's not all. Below the surface quite a lot more has happened. Among the adjustments of the Login API, the usual bugfixes and security updates, there's a long list of enhancements and modifications. But see for yourself, we have prepared a few highlights. By the way: If you would like to join us on a short journey through the new WebAdmin, there's a first opportunity already next week.

Version 19.0 is available from now on for download in the my.iacbox Partner Portal under Services / Downloads or in our download section at A detailed changelog can be found on our website.

Highlights - IACBOX 19.0

Farewell, certificate warning!

Enter your own domain and TLS certificate for Office and Management LAN (previously only possible for Surf LAN) and say goodbye to the uncertainty as to whether the connection to WebAdmin is really secure.

Apropos WebAdmin: All license and hardware information can now be found under Support Information (click on the question mark icon on the right side of the header). You can copy the data and paste it into a mail or document, very useful if you're sending in a request to our support team.

NEW default login page

The standard login page has got a fresh new design. To increase usability, it has been especially adapted for mobile devices. We switched from a two to a one column layout, the login methods are arranged in tabs.  

For systems upgrading from V18.0, the login page will automatically be redesigned in the next few months.

Data Collector

As announced already in our last newsletter, the Data Collector is also available for Login API with V19.0. You can insert fields directly into the login mask or place a form in front of the login page. See our example screenshot on the left side to get an idea of what it might look like.

Online devices at a glance

You want to see at a glance which and how many devices are currently online? With V19.0, a donut graph will be displayed directly on your dashboard and show not only the number and types of devices online, but also the operating systems in use.

For monitoring details, click on the screen icon on the right in the header. You can enter any selected period of time within the last 6 months for the detailed stats

Guided Tour to the NEW WebAdmin

Let us guide you through the WebAdmin surface of IACBOX V19.0 on Tuesday 3rd December at 3 p.m. In roughly 20 minutes we'll show you the modifications in the menu structure, the relocated settings, modules, and features, as well as the new options. This is probably the most easy way to quickly become familiar. But no worries, if you prefer taking your time, you'll have an option to switch to the old WebAdmin until V20.0. Register now for the webinar via our training calendar or by email to

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