November 2nd, 2017


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Now available: IACBOX 17.2

It's done - back from the depth of the basis system, our development team proudly announces that IACBOX V17.2 is now entirely supporting 64bit, in the pursuit of 100% future-fitness and optimum performance. Even if this means a major upgrade performance-wise, it does not involve any changes from the side of the customer. Just returned from their mission, there's no time to rest for our development heroes, they'll have to do their best to provide the corresponding online update soon - we will keep you informed.

Highlights - IACBOX 17.2

Dashboard NEW

We have also come up with some fresh styling for the WebAdmin surface and simplified the menu guidance. With the new Version 17.2, system messages are labelled according to the traffic light colour pattern in red, amber and green according to their importance.


In the new Version 17.2 dashboard, security relevant messages will permanently be shown under Health until the problem has been solved or settings have been modified accordingly. System-critical issues are labelled in red. This will help you never to lose sight of the most important messages for a smoothly running system.


For a quick access to the pages you frequently need, you can now label them as quicklinks and reach them directly with a single click. Just click the star symbol on the right side of the top of the respective page, and it will appear on the Quicklinks list of your dashboard.

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