Greetings from home office

March 25th, 2020

this is not an easy time for all of us: CoV19 has a clear impact on the world of work. Just like you as an IACBOX partner, we are required to adhere to restrictions that aim to make everyone safe. At the same time, we want to do our best to offer our mutual customers the usual service, because WiFi for guests, patients, employees, schoolchildren and / or students may now become even more important. The IACBOX team maintains operations, and so far this has worked smoothly. We will only shorten the times of telephone accessibility in sales, service and support, as long as the curfews imposed by the government remain. Read more about it right away.

Availability Sales & Support

The entire IACBOX team has been working from home for over a week now: Thanks to technical possibilities and good preparation, our partners should hardly notice a difference. Only the forwarded telephone connections are not equally functional at all of our employees' places of residence, and there are additional tasks in the management of the dislocated team. We have therefore decided to restrict our telephone times to the morning hours (9:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m.).

During our business hours (Mon-Fri 9:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.) we are still available via email with our usual response times.

Stay in touch with customers despite lock-down

Working from home is a challenge in many ways, especially when there is little time to set up properly. Documents are not available, contact is only possible by phone, mail or online, acquiring new customers looks rather difficult at the moment. In contrast, there is now time for tasks that tend to be left behind during normal operation. Which topics have you been less concerned with lately, which projects have stagnated or have been neglected? In our latest blog post you will find a few ideas. Click here for the text.

Training calendar filled

After all that's been said about keeping remote contact, we also want to walk the talk: We have filled our training calendar for the next few weeks. Stop by and sign up for one of our webinars.

The IACBOX team will do their very best to comply with all the measures aiming at keeping everyone safe and healthy. With a generous dose of confidence, we are in good spirits to get through the situation together and look forward to tackling exciting projects with you again soon. Take care of yourself!

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