Direct guest communication

August 14th, 2019

Today we have news from product development about our last patchlevel update, but also - and most importantly - about how our latest feature significantly enhances the usefulness of the IACBOX for marketing and communication purposes. It's technically not quite trivial to transport promotional or otherwise desired content on the login page of a captive portal, and privacy regulations have to be respected. With the new Planned Redirect, your customer has an effective and lawful tool in his hands, and you have another consulting service for your portfolio. Interesting? Continue reading.

Patchlevel 13632

Since last week, the patchlevel 13632 is rolled out automatically. In addition to the usual bugfix and security updates, it provides a significant enhancement to the feature Remember me. This function is now also available for registration methods such as Email Ticket Request, Social Login or Online Payment (PayPal).

Planned Redirect

This feature redirects a guest to your customers' desired page, such as a guest survey (as shown in the picture on the left), either once per stay or in freely defineable intervals. Other use cases are daily redirects to a digital morning mail, the event program, special promotions or even a guest app. The trick is to take the guest offline for a short while, so that the captive portal is activated and can point to the desired page. For a seamless surfing experience without having to sign in again, we have implemented a callback link with ReviewPro. For more detailed information:

Direct guest communication

As an IACBOX partner you are an expert on guest WiFi. Offer your customers real added value and take your consulting service one decisive step further: the IACBOX is a network product and its strength lies in communication. Not only with external data systems, but directly with the guest as a person. Everyone wants to reach their customers, and the IACBOX login page requires interaction from a WiFi guest as inevitably as an entrance door. The system operator wants to use this moment of reception for customer communication - help him with it. Does this require other services such as CRM, PMS, customer loyalty or guest review portals, payment systems? Do they already exist or can you recommend some with a suitable IACBOX interface? How exactly can redirects be done?
Ask us - we are happy to help:

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