Dataprivacy at Asteas & IACBOX Version 17.2

May 28th, 2018


  • Your data at Asteas
  • Rollout 17.2 is starting!
  • Patchlevel 12364 available
  • IACBOX Technical Training

Your data at Asteas

As you probably know, here at Asteas we only store your data on the legal basis of an upright business relationship and usually do not process any end customer or user data. In special cases, such as remote maintenance or support requests, we can still get insight, so there is a corresponding processor agreement for download in your my.iacbox Partner Portal. The principles of data processing at Asteas can also be found in the privacy notice.
By the way: Already read? The most important obligations of wireless hotspot operators in our blog.

Rollout 17.2 is starting!

Always keep your licenses up to date! You benefit by being able to use the new privacy settings and complying with the GDPR. In addition, you will receive the new SSL certificate in time before expiry, avoiding certificate errors on the login page. In the WebAdmin or my.iacbox Partner Portal, check whether your licenses are fit for the online update: Valid software maintenance and at least version 17.0 are required. The roll-out starts on Tuesday, May 29th. Over a period of two weeks, all boxes with valid software maintenance and version 17.0 will be upgraded to version 17.2.

Patchlevel 12364 available

The new patchlevel 12364 not only provides the current SSL certificate, but also two new plug-ins for your Monitoring Dashboard. The graph "DHCP Leases" shows used and free IP addresses. Thus, you can see at first glance whether you set IP address range is sufficiently dimensioned. The graph "DNS Queries" displays the number of DNS requests incl. filtered requests. This provides interesting insights into utilization and system workload.

IACBOX Technical Training

If you require a training in English please just let us know:

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