CONTACTLESS hospitality with IACBOX

May 20th, 2020

The lock-down regulations will gradually be lifted, and more and more partners are back to their workplaces. The IACBOX team has also taken off the sweatpants and has recently returned to the office. The time after has begun - but still we need to keep a distance, and quite a set of measures needs to be taken into account: CONTACTLESS is the order of the day. The IACBOX already offers some advantages for customers and guests. More on this below, also a reminder: there will be a new TLS certificate in June, is Software Maintenance up to date for your licenses?

CONTACTLESS hospitality

The hotel industry, gastronomy and tourism can finally open again. But after the first joy, very specific questions quickly arise: Isn't contact with the guest the core business of hospitality? How is that compatible with hygiene and distancing rules, and what about the menu book, guest registration form, check-in, courtesy newspapers, etcetera?
Practical questions of this kind can often be solved very well for IACBOX operators, since it offers a predestined contactless customer touchpoint.

We looked at the digital trends in contactless communication. Each guest travels with their own device, so the WiFi portal offers great contactless opportunities, without laying out tablets, installing apps or scanning QR codes. In our blog post 6 tips for contactless hospitality in times of Corona, we have collected the most important ones and briefly introduce them.

2nd IACBOX Partner Networking

Our second IACBOX Partner Networking is all about contactless guest communication. What can you communicate well via the WiFi portal, how exactly does it work, and what should you pay special attention to? As an IACBOX partner, you benefit from our wealth of experience from over 18 years, with more than 7000 installations and in cooperation with a wide variety of interface partners. Register now!

New TLS certificate

As already announced, our TLS certificate will expire in mid-June. With an update to the patch level appearing this week (AutoUpdate next week), you ensure that users are not bothered by certificate errors and warnings on the registration page.

Check in WebAdmin or in the my.iacbox Partner Portal whether your licenses have valid Software Maintenance and thus automatically receive the new certificate. If the software maintenance expires beforehand, the best thing to do is to extend it straight away. If the automatic online update is deactivated in the WebAdmin, you can trigger it manually by clicking on the update button.

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