Bye Bye Status Popup

October 9th, 2019

what we can report today is on one hand related to the future, and on the other hand to the past: With the new main version V19, a new PMS interface will be available. It has just passed the first tests with flying colors. And an old friend from the past, the Status Popup is no longer with us - it left a couple of days ago. Read more below.

apaleo PMS soon available

Our technicians successfully set up the interface to the cloud basesd apaleo PMS. The interface is available with V19 as a local Login API plugin. We are happy to assist you with a first set up.

Bye Bye Status Popup

We say goodbye to our longtime companion, the Status Popup. What has been a good service and a practical user information some time ago, has meanwhile become less important. And since it even bothered certain login methods after the latest updates on iPads, we've disabled it on all IACBOXes. The entire team says thank you for the great time and wishes all the best.

The top 5 IACBOX use cases

You think it would be handy to know which customer requirements the IACBOX serves best? Our new free webinar will do the trick. Sign up for The top 5 IACBOX use cases on October 29th - via our training calendar or by email at In this webinar we will present the most important use cases in about 30 minutes. We will talk about the benefits of the IACBOX in the language of the customer. The arguments and examples can be well taken into a sales pitch, even with non-technicians.

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