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Application Control PRO

February 14th, 2019

After fundamental renewal of the Application Control base structure since October last year, we are now on the brink of completing the Application Control PRO version. We're close to the finish line, and we can proudly announce that our developers have done a great job again.
Following the principle of always checking the facts before you act, the PRO version is all about getting an analytical insight into data traffic on the IACBOX. Applications and their data usage are visualized and identified, and a set of informative and detailed evaluations provide a basis for good, data-driven decision.


In the Overview tab you will find extensive evaluations of the data recorded during the last 14 days on the IACBOX. Easy to read diagrams show the categories or applications ranked according to the data traffic they cause. By clicking on a specific section, you get a detailed list of the related top 10 tickets. Once you have identified the cause of data traffic peaks, it's up to you to decide: restrict, block or just log?

Create Profiles

The Application Control PRO gives you the ability to tailor settings to your or your customers' needs. Create as many profiles as you need, with up to 1,000 different bandwidth groups. This allows to treat user groups differently, such as guests and employees, or adults and children. Application Control PRO offers maximum flexibility in segmenting your WLAN users according to company or pricing policy, legal or security requirements, or any other preferences.

Set Custom Applications

All that said and Application Control PRO being a standard software module, there are still options for custom requirements. It is possible to extend existing rules and create your own. Select the Custom Applications tab to include customer specific services into the shaping and logging options of the module, such as an internal movie streaming server.

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