Long-term favorite WiFi

March 10th, 2021

while all of Europe is pumping funds into the broadband expansion at full speed and the tech media are regularly flooded with 5G PR and news, we can't help but notice that our Internet keeps being sluggish sometimes. So where's the shiny new super-fast Internet for everyone via fibre, 5G antenna or satellite, and what's the role of WiFi in this context?

Speaking of WiFi: Our developers let us finally in on the release date. V21 will hit the shelves with the arrival of spring. More details below.

Indispensable WiFi

While the 5G standard is still in its infancy, the WLAN celebrated its 30s last year. We took a look at where the new technologies stand, on our blog you can find the details with interesting links.
In short: there is a lot of catching up to do. Meanwhile, today more than ever before, WiFi provides the growing number of mobile devices relentlessly with uncomplicated, fast Internet access - with very respectable throughput rates under good conditions. A good WiFi portal is still an essential part of the basic equipment in all areas where guests, students, patients or visitors with cell phones and tablets romp about.

V21 Feature News

The login page is often used for guest and customer communication, but redirects to other websites may be  tricky. A guest with an Android device cannot be redirected after login, because the captive browser closes as soon as the device is online. Before login, the redirect works fine, but will require some kind of "back" button so that the user can complete the login. From V21 on, this is solved by the login page editor: Include iFrame elements like the daily menu, event program or the Corona registration form. Use drag & drop to move the iFrame element to the desired position, store the URL in the editor (and in the Free to Use menu) and the desired content is directly shown on the login page.

IACBOX Version 21

The new version will be released on March 19, 2021. It will initially be available for download in the my.iacbox Partner Portal and on our website. It is currently going through the final tests and adjustments, some subtleties are being fine-tuned, and our developers are putting their heads together again. In the next newsletter you will then receive a detailed list of all innovations.

Basic webinar on March 17th

Listen up, IACBOX newbies: Our basic webinar will take place on March 17th. You'll get a concise outline of the functionality and scope of the product. Plus, we'll take a quick look at the users interface of the WebAdmin. Registrations via our training calendar, where you will also find other webinars to choose from, or directly by email to

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