Login methods with V21 & ideas for customer relationship

February 17th, 2021

It's just another email, but thank you so much for reading it, we really appreciate that. Do you also miss the direct contact with your business partners? We definitely do, and chances are our customer do so as well. Since we're experts for the place where technology and people meet, we have taken a look at the interfaces we can use in pandemic times to stay connected. Read more about this on our blog. Furthermore, we are thrilled to let you in on another V21 highlight, plus we have filled our training calendar with more free webinar dates. Read on for the details.

More login methods

Up to now, a few PMS types were only supported for landing pages based on Login API design. With the new V21, we made them also available for the standard login page. These are, among others, Apaleo and Guestline. You will find them in the new WebAdmin under Login methods / Hotel software (PMS).

We have also enlarged the field of social login methods. From V21 on, you can use Twitter and LinkedIn for the standard login page under Login methods / Social networks. The guests/visitors simply connect to the WiFi using their platform login details. Please note: As with Facebook, you will need a developer account of each platform you want to set up for these two methods. You will find the detailed procedure after the roll-out of the V21 as usual online in our documentation.

Pandemic vs. customer relationship

Where people and technology meet, the main communication vectors are audible and readable text, but also imagery of all kinds. In our blog we put together some ideas to implement immediately with virtually no effort. Plus we thought you might like the digital give-away we've designed for you: nice banners to illustrate your contact details, available for download in the my.iacbox Partner Portal. Use them freely, adjust them and hand them on to your customer.

Training calendar filled

Our calendar is again filled with appointments until spring. Next week (February 23rd at 10:30 a.m.) we will start with the Guided Tour to the WebAdmin. This webinar is aiming at new partners who are not yet familiar with the IACBOX web interface, and especially at all those who are still working in the old version (before November 2019). This will be no longer supported with V21. But don't worry: you will ask yourself why you did not switch much earlier. Register for the webinar via our training calendar or by email to

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