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Inspiring customer trust with IACBOX

June 4th, 2020

Can you feel it too? Finally, going out for dinner is an option again, holiday plans are being made, and we're allowed to be optimistic. The signs point towards normality, and we are happy about it. But things like hygiene measures and infection prevention will certainly keep us occupied for quite a while. This is why we offer a little help from the IACBOX graphic studio. Furthermore, the 2nd IACBOX partner networking is all about CONTACTLESS COMMUNICATION. This time, our technology partner Code2Order will be featured. More on this below.

Inspiring customer trust

Hoteliers, operators of nursing and other institutions, and shops certainly do everything they can to protect their customers from infection risks in the best possible way. Now this is very important: Let customers know about it. Icons are very good at conveying such content quickly and intuitively, especially on the web or on smartphone displays. That is why we have designed pretty and versatile banners for IACBOX operators, available as a FREE download in my.iacbox. With or without text, in two colors, and - if you change the language selection in the partner portal - also in other languages. On request, we would be happy to install the banner on your LoginAPI page, at a flat rate of one hour according to the professional services list price..

2nd IACBOX Partner Networking

Already registered? The 2nd IACBOX Partner Networking on the subject of CONTACTLESS GUEST COMMUNICATION will definitely be very interesting again: Guest Experience expert Alexander Haußmann from Code2Order brings a wealth of experience with digitized tools for guest service, and together we want to shed light on how guest WiFi is used as a direct channel. Tuesday June 9th is the date to save - register here.

Summer webinars

Our free webinars also have new dates for three summer months. Click here for the calendar, choose a suitable topic.

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