Guest registration made easy

October 7th, 2020

there is still no sigh of relief for hotels and restaurants that are already suffering from the pandemic. In addition to all restrictions and regulations in some, more obligations are about to come, like to register guest contact data. Our next partner networking will therefore revolve around this topic, among other things. More on this and an addendum on MAC randomization for iPhones can be found below.

Guest registration
made easy

Guest registration, mandatory or not, is an additional effort for innkeepers. The good news is that you, as an IACBOX partner, can support your customers from this industry with that. We shed some light on the topic in our blog. We also show how guest registration can be easily solved with IACBOX, and we have prepared an information sheet with instructions to download.

Autologin with iPhone

Although the randomized MAC address at Apple remains the same for each SSID (we reported about it in the last newsletter), there can be small hurdle for autologin devices that were set up before the update to iOS14. The device is no longer recognized because the MAC addresss has changed. SOLUTION: Either log in the affected devices again and register them with their randomized MAC address or, recommended for company-owned autologin devices, deactivate the private address for the network (see screenshot on the right).

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