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June 26th, 2020

Do you feel the same way? Sometimes, our new normality is a lot like the old days, we're a bit sick of pandemic talk, and yet alarm bells are ringing as soon as the person next to you on the train sneezes ... Well, the question of how best to protect ourselves and others will keep us busy for a while. It's good thing that the IACBOX offers a few options to use the guest's cell phone as a communication medium. We'll list them below, and we want also to inform about a few things we're about to deprecate. Read on for more.

Reduce physical contact

Instead of the menu book, a pen, a guest data sheet etc., just touch your own smartphone? This can help in times of infection protection. We have put together a list of the most popular ways of reducing contact via guest WiFi with the IACBOX. You've got some ideas too? Share them with us:

Tidying up for future fitness

Time doesn't stand still, and so a few outdated things have accumulated on the IACBOX. With V20.0 we will therefore deprecate some features. With increasing encryption, HTTP Proxy Filter and Browser Whitelist have become obsolete. Upstream Proxy and Auto Proxy Detection are also dispensable legacies. Fixed proxies are practically no longer in use, and the feature has long been deactivated by default. The User Agent Autologin setting was very special and hardly used right from the start. From today's security point of view, it is no longer recommended. Our technical team will soon provide details on the subject of DNS filters, as a new and significant improvement is in the pipeline.

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