Closing the protocol gap

September 24th, 2020

Today we have good news for all hotspot operators. Finally there is a standardized interface between the end device and the captive portal, and on top of that, after the first rollouts of the iOS update to version 14, it looks as if the MAC randomization was not implemented as comprehensively as announced beforehand and in beta versions. We have updated our related blog article accordingly. Read more below.

Capport RFC

After quite a long time waiting for the IETF standard to be implemented, meanwhile trying to get over the time with one or another workaround, it's finally here: the standardized interface for the connectivity check between end device and captive portal. The standard is supported on all devices with a new version, i.e. iOS 14 and Android 11. Interesting? Read more about what the process looks like and what it means for the IACBOX in our latest blog post.

iOS 14 - expect the unexpected

Since last week the update to iOS version 14 is available. After initial tests of the eagerly awaited version for iPhone and iPad, we found that the privacy settings had not been implemented exactly as announced. Although the MAC address is randomized for each network scan, it will not change every 24 hours after login, but remain stable for each saved network. "Private address" can be deactivated as expected, but our new pop-up is not needed right now and we'll set it inactive. We're still happy to have it in store, just in case. We always prefer to be prepared.

Reminder: IACBOX Basics & Feature Array

Brief reminder to all newbies and interested parties: Our basic webinar will take place this Thursday, September 24th. You'll get a concise outline of the functionality and scope of the product. We also take a quick look at the users interface of the WebAdmin. Registrations via our training calendar or directly by email to

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