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Chrome Hotfix & trade fair info

February 13th, 2020

today we have a quick hotfix for you, addressing display problems with certain login pages caused by a recently rolled out Chrome update. And we've got a tip for this trade fair season: We all try to spread two things, contacts and product information. Why not combine the two in a small and handy business card format? Oh, and the old certificate warning in the Office LAN, did you get rid of it already? Read on for details.

Compact trade fair info

Have you already seen our swift IACBOX info card? Small and handy, it can be customized with your desired contact info. You can find it in your my.iacbox Partner Portal under Downloads / Marketing. For individual customization please send an email to You want to know more about the benefits of the partner portal? Register now for the next Guided Tour Webinar on February 26th.

Farewell, certificate warning!

Say goodbye to the uncertainty as to whether the connection to WebAdmin is really secure. Enter your own domain and TLS certificate for Office and Management LAN.

Speaking of WebAdmin: License and hardware information is now available on any page, just click on the info icon on the right side of the header. Copy the data and paste it into a mail or document, very useful also for inquiries to our support team.

Hotfix for Google Chrome Update

The latest Google Chrome update (version 80) causes display problems on IACBOX systems with the Metro login page and mandatory acceptance of the terms of use. If the user confirms the checkbox on desktop and Android devices, the login page turns white. Our technical team solved this with a hotfix update. Since February 12th, it will be rolled out automatically in the course of this week. If Automatic Online Update is deactivated or the system needs immediate update for other reasons, click the update button in the IACBOX WebAdmin under System > Online Update > Updates available. The update is also available for V 18.0 systems without valid maintenance. The patchlevel versions are:

  • for version 18.0 p13750
  • for version 19.0 p14873

By the way: The automatic update from version 18.0 to 19.0 will be rolled out in a period of two weeks to all IACBOX systems with active Automatic Online Update from February 24th, 2020.

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