Back in the pub garden!

Mai 20th, 2021

Can you feel it too? With the prospect of summer, spirits are awakening, and there is a noticeable surge of energy in the industries most affected by the closings. In the hotel and catering industry there are again quite a few requirements, but if one or the other expert already thinks that this could have been the last lockdown, one can be a bit optimistic. We have therefore updated our tips on guest registration and also wanted to remind you that we are collecting success stories for our new website. More on this below.

Guest contact records

In many countries, hotels and restaurants are allowed to re-open, and tracking&tracing regulations are back in different shapes. In the UK, guests are required to fill in an official form, and in many countries the venues are held responsible for guest compliance. To support your customers a little in this, the IACBOX can lead WiFi guests to online forms, or display related information on the login page. A PDF file with instructions is ready for download in the my.iacbox Partner Portal, and an update on hospitality in times of Corona is new on our blog.

Tell us ...

... about your everyday life with the IACBOX operators among your customers. Again and again there is one or the other use case example that amazes us. But we are also interested in the everyday use of IACBOX as a guest portal, and especially described first hand, from your point of view. How did you implement your first IACBOX project, what do you particularly remember?

As an IACBOX partner, you are the hot line to our users. Let us know how you use the IACBOX and what you appreciate about it. Give us an example, tell us about a difficulty or a success, no matter how small or large. With a little luck, your story will be displayed on our website with you as an expert IACBOX partner. Drop us a line per email to or give us a call +43 5442 62877. We are looking forward to hearing from you!

Did you know ...

... how to grant access to devices that should be permanently online? In the menu Autologin devices, to be found in WebAdmin under Users/Tickets, you can set up tablets, Internet terminals, info screens or the hotel manager's smartphone. The devices are saved based on their MAC address; when such an address is detected by the IACBOX, it is automatically connected to the Internet. You can choose between two modes: static (device is always kept online, even if it is not currently in the network - a user license is permanently assigned) and dynamic (device is logged off if it is not in the network for a longer time - the user license becomes available again). In addition, the IACBOX offers the option of defining wildcard rules for a series of devices without having to enter each MAC address individually. You can also upload a list of devices.

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