Update: Tips for hospitality in times of Corona

And again, after a lockdown, the catering and hotel industries will gradually re-open. While the details of the new requirements are known, it is unclear to what extent and how exactly they can be implemented and by whom or how the associated control obligations can be put into practice. In Austria at least the relevant ordinance reads nationwide in contrast to Germany, where the federal government tries to offer an overview, as the regulation looks a little different in each country.

In the UK for instance, an official Test and Trace form supplied by the NHS has to be filled in by the guests, and the venues are held responsible for compliance. The question of how remains unanswered again, or is left to the company's prevention concept, and one can be curious what the guests will be required to do, from filling in a slip to scanning the QR code from a poster, or being guided to the digital form, as with the IACBOX, via the WiFi login page

The fact that physical contacts are generally viewed critically in pandemic times has not changed either. Anything that can easily be done without physical contact will presumably prevail over the long term, such as online check-in, orders from the digital menu or similar everyday activities. That is why we want to remind you again of our article about contactless hospitality.

We will also have to get used to the fact that, as has been the case for some time in densely populated Asian countries, mouth and nose protection appears more frequently in the streets during the flu season. This development has positive side effects, as all countries with mask compulsory without exception recorded a significant reduction in influenza cases in the last two winter seasons.

And what about the contact data collection? Yes, if you are obliged to do so or if you thinkt it is useful in combating the pandemic and want to support it as much as possible, the IACBOX's data collector will be happy to help. Instructions are available here as a PDF.

And now we just want to look forward to having a pizza, an exquisite menu or just a coffee on a terrace, at a bar or in a guest garden, chatting with friends and enjoying life.

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