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Old ways won't open new doors.

We have recently taken this saying to heart and have left old ways behind us in order to open new doors for the IACBOX; more specifically, the IACBOX WebAdmin User Interface. The WebAdmin features a completely new structure and state-of-the-art design, moving it into the “now” era.

IACBOX functionality has been enhanced considerably since its inception 16 years ago and modules and features that have made it into a powerful tool have been added. This does mean that the structure and searchability have suffered somewhat in one or two areas. After many hours of refining, sorting and restructuring, our developers were finally able to lay down the framework for adapting key concepts to more current designs. And so “Ticket Management” has become “User Management” in order to shift the focus from the ticket to the user. The new structure increases usability and allows for significantly more intuitive searching. For example, VLANs are no longer to be found under Security, nor is DHCP to be found under Modules; both are now included under the more logical term Network.

When it comes to design, the left-hand vertical menu structure is really eye-catching. This concept suggested itself, as most screens have a wide format that is really suitable for this form of layout. In a later extension phase, the option to collapse the menu will be included; this will allow WebAdmin experts to simply use the icons as reference points and thereby save even more space for the contents of the individual menu items. This will be particularly of advantage in the case of laptop displays.

When will all this be happening?

To manage the transition as smoothly as possible, the new WebAdmin will be introduced in Version 19.0 as a beta version and will automatically be active on all new installations. You will still always be able to toggle between the old and the new WebAdmin by means of a single click. After a familiarisation and stabilisation phase, the final cutover to the new WebAdmin for everyone will occur in Version 20.0, to be released next year.

We are confident that we will achieve both our goals, namely to provide new users with an easy-to-use menu with a contemporary design, while at the same time facilitating as smooth a transition as possible for our long-term partners who are used to the “old” WebAdmin. The new WebAdmin interface provides the basis for many additional modules and features, and is a successful balancing act between good usability and technical sophistication. If you would like to provide feedback in this connection, please do not hesitate to contact us (

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