IAC-BOX 8.0 - now available

The new IACBOX 8.0 with lots of new features is available for download since Friday 15. July 2016 in our my.iacbox Partner-Portal in menu "Services / Downloads" or in our download section on our website. Enclosed you can find the innovations summarized.


  • Completely free design of login page inclusive texts and translations
  • Local Webserver for login page (sanboxed) for local Login API
  • Code Editor to adapt the login page via web browser
  • Periodic Redirect allows regular redirection of the customer to any definable remote website (e.g. for short advertisement)
  • Login API 2.0 - completely redesign of SKD (local and remote usable)
  • dynamically resolve dependencies of websites for “Free to use” links
  • Routing between Management-Zone and Guest-Zone
  • OpenVPN: Support for TLS keyfiles
  • Client support for 802.1x on all network interface to authenticate on a switch
  • "Remember me" possible up to 32 days
  • Support for the new Facebook API Version
  • Support additionally 10 Gbit/s network interfaces
  • Batch Access API extension: start Online Update, logging information including login and logoff, search by MAC

Free design of login page

From now on it's possible to design an indiviudal login page (Landingpage). Therefore you can easily use frameworks and templates for example bootstrap inklusive responsive design. The already known login page is still available.

In addition to the free design also the texts and translations can be freely changed.

This means maximum flexibility.

The integrated Code Editor allows easy access to the entire setting and also to the login page via web browser. New designs can be exported easily and transferred to other systems.

Free design of login page assumes IAC-BOX version 8.0 and can be activated in WebAdmin menu "Client Logon / Customized Logon Page".

Code Editor (click to enlarge)
Examples for free designed Login pages (click to enlarge)
latest available Plugins (click to enlarge)

Login API & Plugins

Login API is completely redesigned and contains some preconfigured Plugins. These allow implementations of additional features or the integration of self developed Plugins in short time.

Currently the following Plugins are available for the new Login page.

  • Free login by accepting the terms of use
  • Ticket login
  • Login via password
  • PMS Interface
  • Social network integration (Facebook, Google+, Twitter)
  • Online Payment (PayPal, credit card, SaferPay,....)
  • Advertisement

Periodic Redirect

To inform the customers regularly, for example with short advertisements, news and similar, they can be redirected to any external website (e.g. latest news, .activity program, online butler, menu, advertisement)

This feature can be found at WebAdmin "Customer login/ Redirect"

 Configuration "Periodic Redirect" (click to enlarge)

Password Login

On numerous requests of our partners we have implemented the option, that customers can login only using their password, without username. This allows a more convenient login for guests. This option is available for login using desktop devices as well as mobile devices.

To activate this feature, enable "Password Login" in WebAdmin menu "Client Logon / Design" and enable the checkbox "Password Login" for at least on ticket template.

Batch Access API Extension

Batch Access API has been extended by the following remote commands:

  • Launch Online update
  • Log with Login and Logout
  • Search via MAC

This feature allows you to request any System-, Log- and Statistic data (e.g. Statistics, Application Log, currently users online, hardware status, ...) or even perform a system backup remotely using a simple HTTP request for further processing. A detailled documentation how to use this module is available in our Documentation area.


With IACBOX 8.0 it is possible to route between Surf-Zone and Management-Zone. This means controlled guest access to various services, which are located within the Management-Zone (e.g. webserver for internal usage).

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