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The infamous virus has shaken the hotel and tourism industry badly, and even if it will let go of it anytime soon, it doesn’t look like everything will just be the same as before. The guests are willing to book, but it may take a while until travelling connections are re-established, and new and more restriction are always possible. So we will probably have to live with many uncertainties for quite a while. But the hoteliers out there are not only excellent and passionate hosts, they are also blessed with a large portion of creative ingenuity.

They use the time, prepare, put together packages and set new trends, also in terms of digitization. From contactless check-in methods and hygiene measures to guest registration and expanding the WiFi infrastructure they tried to provide everything necessary for the new normal, and now that home office is here to stay, they are offering remote working formulas.

Some of the IACBOX features come in handy in this regard:

IACBOX puts the remote working formula on the display

As an advanced captive portal system, the IACBOX once again shows its strengths. Where vacation and remote working complement each other, IACBOX can not only communicate this offer in words and pictures, but also map it operationally - from remote home offices to working holidays. For all IACBOX operators out there we have put together

6 quick tips for immediate and easy implementation

#1 – The background image

Depending on the philosophy and location, choose a picture that is more in the direction of holiday or work. Either choose a suitable one from the background images provided, or upload your own.

#2 - Differente between holiday office and holiday guest

Make clear which login is intended for which guests. If the remote working area infrastructure is delimited or has its own SSID - such as in a separate work room, on a floor that is only intended for working guests, etc. - the login page can only display this one login, which is named and titled accordingly. VLANs can be created in the IACBOX WebAdmin and their own login pages can be assigned to them.

If you can’t seperate working guests from the vacationers in the WiFi infrastructure, both logins can be displayed as tabs or accordion. Unambiguous naming is even more important here, so that guests are oriented and know which login is intended for them.

#3 – Promote the remote office formula

If the page with the office login is seen by all guests, this model can be promoted well. Here, too, the IACBOX offers options, from redirecting to a dedicated website to displaying promotional content in iFrames, or the option of subscribing to the Holiday Office newsletter, including a checkbox for consent.

#4 - WiFi ticket templates office vs. holiday guest

Of course, the office guest should also be treated differently from the usual holiday guest in the WiFi, so that the offer is tangible. The ticket templates offer a wide range of options for this. Simply created and clearly named, you can later filter them in the ticket overview.

#5 - Edit WiFi settings office vs. holiday guest

After creating the ticket template, the IACBOX automatically issues a virtual ticket that contains all the properties, restrictions and specifications contained in the template: Time limits, validity period, download and upload volume, etc. If it is also necessary to decide on a protocol basis whether certain applications are allowed, restricted or blocked, the additional module Application Control PRO is recommended.

#6 - Download WiFi templates and roll them out to other systems

Once the appropriate templates have been created, they are easy to export and roll out to other systems.

With the IACBOX, hosts are well equipped with tools to offer a remote working formula for house guests.

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