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IACBOX has a new interface partner

May 21st, 2019

The development team of the Austrian manufacturer of the licence-based guest WiFi solution that has been rolled out more than 6500 times in 45 countries worldwide has added another interface to its award-winning software. This means that customers, particularly in the hospitality sector, are offered improved integrability. The Captive Portal Software can already be connected seamlessly and flexibly with numerous information, management and payment systems, thereby guaranteeing an optimised user experience and the best possible utilisation with minimal expenditure for system operators.

Guest surveys during stays for better reviews

Guest satisfaction is a critical factor in the hotel and tourism industry. Reviews are some of the most important booking criteria, so it is essential for all service providers in the industry to ensure the satisfaction of their guests and do everything in their power to achieve this.

Because if guests are unhappy, they will leave negative reviews – and usually only after they have left. Although issuing a formal apology afterwards is polite and advisable, it does not alter the guest’s experience or the negative review.

But what if the problem were to be discovered and remedied while they are still staying at the hotel? This can turn a potential critic into a grateful customer. For this reason, ReviewPro experts offer in-stay guest satisfaction surveys.

But are any answers provided? How do you let guests on holiday know that such questionnaires are available? Award-winning WiFi hotspot solution IACBOX came up with the answer recently. Both manufacturers’ development teams have worked together to present the survey as prominently as possible to guests, but with minimal disruption using a redirection on the entry page to the guest WiFi.  It has been possible to resolve the complex technical challenges in such a way that forwarding takes place without disrupting other online activities. Responding to the survey remains voluntary and yet still achieves a high response rate. Contractual partners of ReviewPro and IACBOX WiFi hotspot operator can now benefit from this option.

More information on IACBOX: www.iacbox.com

Everything you need to know about ReviewPro: www.reviewpro.com

If you have any questions on this topic, please contact service@iacbox.com

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